Florida Academy Of Collaborative Professionals Launches Leadership Institute

The Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (FACP) has commenced its inaugural Leadership Institute. Members of the collaborative community were given the opportunity to apply to be a part of the Institute. The FACP Leadership Institute Committee received more applications than they had seats. Christen Ritchey was chosen as a fellow for the inaugural Leadership Institute. The Institute is designed to provide an opportunity for select FACP members to build upon existing leadership skills while helping them develop professional networks within Florida’s collaborative community. Former FACP President Edward Sachs explained of the Institute “We want our best and brightest to serve as beacons for peaceful problem-solving in their communities.”

Participants convened for their first session at the FACP’s annual conference in May and will continue to meet throughout the year. The participants will engage in leadership seminars, educational forums, small group workshops and team building. This experience will be rewarding and educational; Johnson & Ritchey PA is proud Christen will be a part of it.

Collaborative dispute resolution is growing much more popular in South Florida. Many families are choosing to use this alternative dispute resolution process to settle their matters. In addition practitioners are utilizing the process for probate matters and business disputes. Any dispute that involves parties who may want to preserve relationships at the end of their dispute would be served well by this process. The FACP and the Leadership Institute will provide advanced skills to practitioners working in this field.